RMinhas-Residents Competency Self-Assessment-SUMMATIVE

Learning Plan: In Progress

R Minhas-Residents Competency Self-Assessment-INPROGRESS

My goal is to become better at critical appraisal of literature. I have presented two journal club articles so far, I feel I still need to improve on understanding superiority/inferiority trials and explaining it to my audience (especially the concept of margins). I plan to achieve it by reviewing my notes from Didactics and researching other articles explaining the same online.

Another one of my goals is to become more efficient at applying knowledge acquired during the academic half days. This would be achieved if I actually sit down and go over the pre-readings and lecture myself after the session. Everyone has a different learning style and I believe that is how I would achieve my goals.

For the next half of the residency, I want to become more time efficient. For example, starting on my journal club and case presentations at least a week before my presentation the due date and timing how long I spend working up a patient etc.

Case presentation: Though I am able to acquire all the relevant information I need to present to my preceptor during my case presentation, it has been pointed out to me that sometimes I miss communicating all the information to the preceptor which hinders his/her ability to get a complete picture of the patient. I would achieve this making more organized notes during history gathering and developing my own pharmacy care plan form so that I have enough space to organize and enter everything.

Learning Plan: Baseline


1. To work up a patient within 2 hours (look at the chart, speak to the patient and develop a plan) and present it to my preceptor.

HOW TO REACH/ACHIEVE IT: I will be doing 4 supervised histories with Dr. Dillon during my Pharmaceutical Care rotation and presenting to my other preceptors as well during my other direct patient care rotations.

2. Be able to perform pharmacokinetic interpretations of drug levels: Vancomycin, phentyoin, digoxin etc.

HOW TO REACH/ACHIEVE IT: During direct patient care rotations, when running the report in the morning I will look for patients on these drugs and interpret the levels.

3. Collaborate with other health care professionals, understand their roles and work together as a team to achieve patient and health care team goals
HOW TO REACH/ACHIEVE IT: I was first introduced to ‘rounds’ and other health care professionals (PT, OT, Speech therapists, dietitian) during my SPEP rotation in 4th year. I feel I need to understand their role more so that I can collaborate with them. This can be achieved by shadowing them during one of my rotations and engaging with them on the ward.

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