HIV/AIDS Final Week


Drug Interactions with HCV medicationsTasks performed:

Worked up patients
Attended educational session on Drug Interactions by Dr. Tseng from Toronto
hepatitis cases_Vancouver_handout_May12

Nursing In Service: Drug Interactions
Other health care professionals present: Dietitian, Social worker
Discussed topics: Opportunisitic Infections (CMV, Toxoplasmosis)

Last day: Mock oral Exam
Great practice before I step into the real world

Final evaluation:

– good interactions with patients – empathetic and caring
– extremely receptive to feedback
– has shown great improvement overall
– good literature searching skills and evaluation
– helpful and accessible to team members, always polite and professional

FOCUS AREAS for improvement:
– time management with patient workups and drug information response time can be improved, need to “whittle down” the most important info
– remember to relay your recommendation/bottom line when answering drug info requests (more succinct)
– knowledge base – ongoing process – do not rely on single sources. Evaluate the sources you are using.
– remember to keep things on a practical basis versus theory – will be helpful in work ups/communications with pts and health care teams. know your audience.
– remember to look for the answers you seek – do not expect answers to come to you or that the chart is “complete” – always question things
– always remember SEAMLESS CARE!

Overall, this rotation was a great end to my residency career. I am glad I got a chance to experience this and meet people from different walks of life. I got rid of lot of stereotypes and it was definitely an eye opening experience. Overall, I wish I was a bit more motivated in during the month of February but at the same time it was a blessing in disguise as the feedback received during that month really opened my eyes and helped me focus on things I needed to work on especially questioning things. Further on, the emergency and neurology rotations reinforced these focus areas and helped me become a better resident and a better pharmacist in the future.

I am excited and scared to enter the real work force but at one thing I need to keep in mind is to make sure I provide the best pharmaceutical care to my patients. They are MY patients!

About rajwantminhas

I just finished my pharmacy degree at UBC. I am excited to be part of Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services. My goal is to get exposed to different kinds of disease states, medications and become better at applying my knowledge. Patient interaction is another aspect that I am going to strive to get better at. I am looking forward to this intense year and learning tonnes!

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