What this rotation helped me achieve?

I have become more familiar with medications used in the emergency setting, become better at writing more succinct notes, analyzing pharmacokinetics of medications (digoxin, phenytoin, vancomycin etc.)
I have developed more faith in the contributions made by pharmacists. I have come to realize that pharmacists have the ability to prevent a lot of medication errors be it by medication reconciliation, finding drug related problems, educating a doctor or nurse about a new medication and it’s adverse effects or finding the drug cause of a medical problem.

Some other new concepts I learnt:
Subdural hematoma: collection of blood on the surface of the brain. This is a serious condition since the increase in intracranial pressure can cause damage to brain tissue and loss of brain function.

Bethanechol: Treatment of acute postoperative and postpartum nonobstructive (functional) urinary retention; treatment of neurogenic atony of the urinary bladder with retention

About rajwantminhas

I just finished my pharmacy degree at UBC. I am excited to be part of Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services. My goal is to get exposed to different kinds of disease states, medications and become better at applying my knowledge. Patient interaction is another aspect that I am going to strive to get better at. I am looking forward to this intense year and learning tonnes!

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