General Surgery so far….


Goals for the rotation:

1. Be familiar with peri-operative medication use
2. Become familiar with peri-operative use of anticoagulants
3. Understand the roles of other health care professionals (PT,OT, dietician)
4. Perform pharmacokinetic interpretation of drug levels in the care of at least 3 patients
5. If feasible, become familiar with TPN: calculations, indications and long-term complications

Topics discussed so far:
Peri-operative antibiotic use
Types of anticoagulants and anti-platelet agents
Peri-operative medication use
Digestive System Anatomy
Post-Op Nausea and Vomiting
GI Bleed
Surgical Prophylaxis Guidelines
Small bowel obstruction
Pre-Procedure Crossover Therapy

Attended class delivered by nurse, OT and PT to patients going for knee replacement in 2 weeks

Worked up patients on:

1. Knee replacement
2. Hip replacement
3. Infected knee prosthesis
4. Infected hip prosthesis

About rajwantminhas

I just finished my pharmacy degree at UBC. I am excited to be part of Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services. My goal is to get exposed to different kinds of disease states, medications and become better at applying my knowledge. Patient interaction is another aspect that I am going to strive to get better at. I am looking forward to this intense year and learning tonnes!

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