Distribution: Week 2


Week 2: Distribution
Monday and Tuesday: Attended SES Conference
Wednesday: Verified orders, checked with the pharmacists if I had any questions.
Thursday: Discussed Site procedures, PDTM and TPN with Raymond.
Meeting with Dr. Loewen: Today was the first time during residency when I really felt that I am not applying my knowledge well. When I met up with Dr. Loewen, I told him everything was going fine and it has been a smooth transition, but if he had asked me few hours later it would have been a different answer. Later on in the afternoon, I discussed the orders that I had verified with my preceptor. After discussion, I realized I was not using the process of Necessary, Effective, Safe and Adherence when assessing orders. Although, I followed the process for renal failure patients I failed to think through it for all the patients. Initially, I paid attention to technical things (for example when an order of metronidazole was entered as 500 mg Q8H vs. Q12H), but as a pharmacist my role is to verify the order in terms of its requirement by the patient, safety and efficacy along with checking if it was entered correctly. I am glad we had this discussion as it would make me focus more on paying attention to clinical details. It is a learning process and I will get better and better.

Friday: Verified orders, discussed TPN and orders I verified
Today was much better as I was more comfortable with verifying orders. For each order I followed the steps of assessing the prescription by focusing on if it was necessary, effective and safe.

About rajwantminhas

I just finished my pharmacy degree at UBC. I am excited to be part of Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services. My goal is to get exposed to different kinds of disease states, medications and become better at applying my knowledge. Patient interaction is another aspect that I am going to strive to get better at. I am looking forward to this intense year and learning tonnes!

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