E-Tips for Practice Education


What? The modules were a great learning tool in terms of getting exposure to how to become an effective preceptor. I have always been blessed with great preceptors who have been very encouraging and supportive. In my application to the residency program, I had expressed my desire to become a preceptor in the near future. I hope I can be a role model for someone and make a difference!

So What?

Pre-Course Reflection Form (Available on E-Tips website: http://www.practiceeducation.ca/courses/file.php/2/Printable_Docs/PREcourse_Reflection_Forms_ETIPS.pdf).

Post-Course Reflection Form (Available on E-Tips website: http://www.practiceeducation.ca/courses/file.php/2/Printable_Docs/POSTcourse_Reflection_Form_ETIPS.pdf)

These forms could not be saved and uploaded after filling them in, so I have typed my responses to the questions in the word document. It contains both pre and post course reflection:
Reflection Form

Now What? Outcome of the event, what changes if any do you intent to make in my role as a practice educator as a result of this program?

A conflict may interfere with the effectiveness of learning and teaching. There are different sources of conflict and sometimes is inevitable. Since high school, I have never taken a course which discussed conflict resolution skills until E-Tips. These tips would be handy in work setting as well as in personal life when a conflict arises.

Resolving a conflict:
I found the following the strategy described in the module on how to communicate assertively helpful:
D: Describe the situation rationally and briefly
E: Express your feelings about the situation
S: Specify desired changes
O: Outcome or results that may occur

Key Message: Be as clear as you can about your expectations and check your student’s understanding of your expectations.

Conflict Management Styles
Collaboration is the best style as it is a win-win for both the parties

It is important to:
• Stay ‘cool’ Manage Yourself
• Be clear about your own intentions. What do you want to accomplish?
• Focus on intended outcomes
• Watch yourself (be an observer) and notice your own internal and external language
• Don’t vent. Describe your feelings without judging or blaming
• Take a break if you feel yourself losing clarity

Discuss the conflict in a positive way
Try to look at conflict as a learning opportunity and don’t let it go unresolved.

Reflecting upon myself as a teacher is very important as well. I will make sure that I ask the student for feedback on regular basis as well and understand how he/she would like me to assist.

About rajwantminhas

I just finished my pharmacy degree at UBC. I am excited to be part of Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services. My goal is to get exposed to different kinds of disease states, medications and become better at applying my knowledge. Patient interaction is another aspect that I am going to strive to get better at. I am looking forward to this intense year and learning tonnes!

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