PEO: Pharmacotherapy Evaluation and Optimization


The past week I have been at Burnaby Hospital for my PEO (Pharmacotherapy Evaluation and Optimization) rotation with Dr. Aaron Tejani. It is mentioned as one of my elective rotation, however I did not pick this rotation as one of my electives. When I looked at my schedule, it just said ‘PEO’. I was not even aware what the abbreviation meant. But hopefully by the end of the rotation, I would be able to achieve all the objectives of the rotation. I am excited to learn something new and understate the roles of a Drug Use Evaluation Pharmacist. According to the description of the rotation posted on one 45, following are the goals of PEO rotation:

To understand and apply the concepts of drug use evaluation as a broad based systematic program that promotes and improves rational drug use in hospitals in Fraser Health. These concepts include:

1. Developing criteria for therapeutic appropriateness (reviewing and comparing evidence from clinical trials, assessing most appropriate indications for the drugs and evaluating their safety data)

2. Developing patterns of use of drugs, region wide or in individual institutions (overutilization, underutilization, incorrect dosage, inappropriate duration)

3. Pharmacoeconomic evaluation (cost utility, cost effectiveness, cost benefit, cost minimization, cost per quality adjusted life year gained)

One of my main objectives is to perform literature reviews and critically analyze the study design, methodology, bias, significance, and generalizability of results and conclusions of the trial and apply the acquired knowledge to my practice. Currently, I am assisting with the Directed Studies Project: Inappropriate use of IV PPIs in Fraser Health.
I read the past articles assessing the inappropriate use of IV PPIs and it was surprising to find out that over 60% of it is used inappropriately. We are in the process of writing the protocol which would be a very helpful when writing the protocol for my project.

I am also working on developing a survey to find out the reasons behind pharmacists not switching from IV to PO medications even though they have the authority to do so.

I am looking forward to the next three weeks and attaining the goals of this rotation. I am sure that the knowledge gained through this rotation would help me in becoming a competent pharmacist.

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